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ISO 9001:2008 and NATO certified , TLM always considered quality as an unquestionable point of its product.

For giving quality , you have first “to believe” in quality, by investing in technologies able to ensure it over time and taking care about your own human resources know how; the prestigious NATO certification which TLM received after supplying the American Army, emphasizes it.

The metrological chamber is equipped with instruments for checking hardness, micro hardness, geometrical tolerances (2D-3D), surface treatments thickness , roughness , oil contamination laser instruments and a corrosion salt test machine NSS ISO 9227  as well.

Vasca di lavaggio ad ultrasuoni

A critical point of our product is the contamination of the oil which is introduced during the final pressure check and filling; our cylinders can ensure a maximum oil contamination value of NAS 9, thank to a careful ultrasonic cleaning process of every singular component and through filtering operations with the aid of 10 micron absolute filters.