[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][fusion_builder_column row_column_index=Through more than 30 years of activity, an highly qualified staff of 85 employees and the most advanced technologies, TLM provides its customers with a careful service and quality which always characterized it.

Constantly oriented to the innovation, nowadays TLM plays an important role in the Italian and European hydraulic cylinders market.

With an annual turnover which exceeds 20 ml €, TLM develops a production capability of 10.000 units a month, with sizes that reach bores 500 mm up to lengths of 7.000 mm.

The company organization has been thought for producing internally every component of an hydraulic cylinder, from row material to final painting;

This flexibility allowed us to become supplier for some of the most important groups in the world, providing, through a daily delivery management system, directly the assembly lines.

In front of an increasingly difficult market, being not only a supplier but a reliable Partner for our customers, is our strength.


The design and construction of hydraulic cylinders based on customer specifications, applying the deep experience developed with more than 30 years activity and constantly participating to the product innovation.

The customer satisfaction is the element which push us to the constant improvements.

Integrate the most advanced technologies with qualified and motivated human resources is the only way to keep an high quality level over time.

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